James Morrison – The Awakening (2011)

marzo 29, 2018

James Morrison Álbum: The Awakening Año: 2011 Formato/Bitrate: MP3 – 256KBPS Tamaño: 155.69 MB Download  01 – In My Dreams 02 – 6 Weeks 03 – I Won’t Let You Go 04 – Up (feat. Jessie J) 05 – Slave to the Music 06 – Person I Should Have Been 07 […]

James Morrison – Songs for You, Truths for Me (2008)

marzo 29, 2018

James Morrison Álbum: Songs for You, Truths for Me Año: 2008 Formato/Bitrate: MP3 – 320KBPS Tamaño: 167.54 MB Download  01-james_morrison–the_only_night-oma 02-james_morrison–get_to_you-oma 03-james_morrison–you_make_it_real-oma 04-james_morrison–broken_strings-oma 05-james_morrison–on_the_same_side-oma 06-james_morrison–nothing_ever_hurt_like_you-oma 07-james_morrison–please_dont_stop_the_rain-oma 08-james_morrison–save_yourself-oma 09-james_morrison–once_when_i_was_little-oma 10-james_morrison–precious_love-oma 11-james_morrison–if_you_dont_wanna_love_me-oma 12-james_morrison–fix_the_world_up_for_you-oma 13-james_morrison–dream_on_hayley-oma 14-james_morrison–love_is_hard-oma 15-james_morrison–you_make_it_real_(acoustic_version)-oma 16-james_morrison–once_when_i_was_little_(acoustic_version)-oma 17-james_morrison–if_you_dont_wanna_love_me_(acoustic_version)-oma 18-james_morrison–you_give_me_something_(acoustic_version)-oma 19-james_morrison–broken_strings_(acoustic_version)-oma 20-james_morrison–wonderful_world_(acoustic_version)-oma 21-james_morrison–man_in_the_mirror_(acoustic_version)-oma Descargar  Enlaces de Descargas:

James Morrison – Undiscovered (2006)

marzo 29, 2018

James Morrison Álbum: Undiscovered Año: 2006 Formato/Bitrate: MP3 – 320KBPS Tamaño: 108.23 MB Download  This Boy Under The Influence Undiscovered Wonderful World You Give Me Something Better Man Call The Police How Come If The Rain Must Fall One Last Chance The Last Goodbye The Letter The Pieces Don’t Fit Anymore […]

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