Unkle - The Road Part II Lost Highway (2019)

Álbum: The Road Part II Lost Highway
Año: 2019
Formato/Bitrate: MP3 - 320KBPS  ~
Tamaño: 181.55 MB

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01. Iter VI; Prologue (feat. Elliott Power)
02. Requiem (When You Talk About Love) [feat. Mark Lanegan, John Isaacs, Michèle Lamy & Brian Cox] 03. Ar.Mour (feat. Elliott Power & Miink)
04. Iter VII; Lost (feat. Philip Sheppard & Tom Smith)
05. The Other Side (feat. Tom Smith)
06. Feel More - With Less (feat. Liela Moss, Miink & Philip Sheppard)
07. Nothing to Give (feat. Miink, Elliott Power & Jon Theodore)
08. Iter VIII; However Vast the Darkness (feat. Brian Cox)
09. Long Gone (feat. Tessa Angus, Ysée & Philip Sheppard)
10. Only You (feat. Miink & Wil Malone)
11. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (feat. Keaton Henson & Philip Sheppard)
12. Iter Ix; Epilogue - Tales of the City (feat. Elliott Power)
13. Crucifixion - a Prophet (feat. Tom Smith, Ian Astbury, Chris Goss, ESKA, Miink, Boc, Troy Van Leeuwen & Justin Stanley)
14. Powder Man (feat. Chris Goss)
15. Kubrick (feat. Mick Jones)
16. Sun (The) [feat. Leila Moss] 17. Find an Outsider (feat. The Big Pink)
18. Iter X; Found (feat. Christiane Kubrick)
19. Days and Nights (feat. Dhani Harrison, Philip Sheppard & Andrew Innes)
20. Reprise (feat. Dhani Harrison)
21. Iter XI; In Your Arms (feat. Brian Cox)
22. Touch Me (feat. Leila Moss)

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